Ministry of Marriage


Did you know your marriage is a ministry? Your marriage ministry has three major areas of influence. It influences your spouse, your children, and everyone with whom you come in contact. There is no escaping your responsibility to allow Christ to be seen, not only through your own personal witness, but also through the special partnership that the Lord likens to His own relationship with His church – your marriage. Let us look at the three areas of influence you have as a natural byproduct of your marriage relationship:


Your first ministry influence is over your spouse. Husbands and wives are continuously looking to each other to see the Lord in action in their partner’s life. Of course, there are a number of things that must be in place for the Lord’s presence in one’s life to be apparent to your spouse. Your prayer-life (communion with God) your armor-life (reading God’s word), and your faith-Life (trusting the Lord), all must be active and healthy for your witness to your spouse to be at its best.


Following along naturally is your ministry influence on your children. Your children are looking at both of you to see what unity looks like. Most importantly, your children need to witness that you and your spouse are unified in your prayer, armor, and faith. Not only to see how you (their parents) are unified with each other, but more importantly, to witness true unified agreement with the Lord. It is by example that you will “train your children in the ways of the Lord, so when they become adults they will not depart from them.[1] It will be because of your example that their future marriage ministry will flourish and influence those in and around their families.

Everyone Else

Finally, your marriage ministry influences other couples with whom you are associated. They may not see you pray, read the Bible, or make faithful decisions, but they do see how you live out your marriage ministry in public. If your prayer, armor, and faith life is strong, your marriage ministry’s influence will be one of duplication. People will rely on you as ministers of marriage and seek to make their marriage as Christ connected as yours.

[1] Paraphrased from Proverbs 22:6